Reading as an Extrovert

Reading is probably one of the most classic pastimes for introverts.

Introverts recharge by spending quality time on their own, and reading is a great way to pass the time. It is probably also quite calming for people; it’s nice and quiet, with no need to engage in the chaotic world that we all live in.

Except that I’m an extrovert. I recharge by meeting up with people and chatting them up. I can be loud and obnoxious, and just the right amount of social interaction can keep me going all day or night, minimal drinks required. If you ask me whether reading relaxes me, the answer is it does not. I won’t even try to read after a long day at work because I would feel more drained than I had just been. It would then be as if reading became a chore, and I would get all worked up because why do I have so many books to read anyway? What was I thinking?

Oh, yes, now I remember: I love to read—only I read when I’m already relaxed. I do not read when I am rattled because solitude does not calm nor recharge me one bit. I am a morning person, and I feel at my best while the sun is out. I feel calm when I wake up to the morning sunshine, so I read while I eat breakfast and drink coffee. I read before I face the challenges of the day, even if it is only for thirty minutes, because it is such a joy to read, and I will make sure it stays that way for me.

If I’m tired, I actually look forward to talking to people and telling them about my day, in person or in social media. I need the interaction. Not surprisingly, I’m reading at a slower pace than I was a few months ago. I was on vacation then. I’m not too bothered by the change of (reading) pace though because I’d rather have a pleasant time reading than get burnt out doing so.

Extroverts need to recharge, too—just in a seemingly counterintuitive way.

Supply Scheduling

A few months ago, I decided to invest more in the hungriest reader to (1) brush up on my writing skills; (2) keep my mind sharp while I was on vacation; and (3) learn a little bit of marketing. Over the past four months, I came up with a reasonable schedule for my posts: Wednesdays for Short Bites, Thursdays for Novel Reactions, and Sundays for Curious Travels (and others). I had no work obligations then, so it was fairly easy for me to keep up with my self-imposed schedule.

Today I am two weeks into my new job, and so far, so good. I have been learning a lot, and, mission accomplished: reading books kept me sharp and (the nonfiction ones) prepared me for my new job. Managing the hungriest reader has also been a great way for me to keep share my interests, reading and traveling, so instead of shutting this down, I’ve decided it’s time to readjust to my new lifestyle.

TL;DR, here’s my new posting schedule:

  • Short Bites: First and Third Wednesdays
  • Novel Reactions: Every Thursday (until further notice)
  • Curious Travels (and others): Second and Fourth Sundays

If this doesn’t work out, I’ll readjust again. Better to start now than have everything crashing down later. (I’m pretty much stretching the lean startup mindset and applying it into managing my blog, no big deal.)

The Stamp of Arrival

And so The Grand Detour of 2019 has finally come to an end. (I will still be posting a few more installments, but FYI, in real time, it is over.) It lasted long enough. It’s time to rejoin the workforce and …reality. I’m quite excited actually. I’ve had ~3 months of breathing space to read and explore. Now, I am ready to bring back some routine into my life and, of course, to take the next steps of my career.

That said, I’m (yet again) in a different timezone (GMT+8), which I will now be following for my future posts. This means that my recently regularized schedule of posts is shifting approximately 12 hours earlier. (I’ll see how it goes! I might tweak the schedule a little.) Also, I’ll start categorizing my travels in the Philippines as local, but I will also still include it in the Asia category.

That’s pretty much it! I just wanted to give a quick housekeeping update. Other than that, I’m still reading, I’m still traveling, and I’m still going to have a lot of things to say.

Curious Travels! (An Introduction)

As part of a housekeeping initiative, I’ve decided to file my entries under certain names. I started with Short Bites, with each entry featuring short stories the captured my interest. After that, I came up with Novel Reactions, with each entry featuring a full book I recently read. I’d been sitting on a name for my travel features, but, I’ve finally found the one: Curious Travels.

Curious… Doesn’t that sound a lot like Mr. Ollivander when Harry got his wand? Exactly. Well, not really—not in the dramatic kind of way that was portrayed in the movie, but I like the word. “Curious” typically refers to those who like knowing or learning new things. It can also describe something unusual or unexpected. (For example, Mr. Ollivander said “curious” because found he it odd that the same phoenix connected Harry’s and Voldemort’s wands.)

In sort of the same way (if you really try to think about it), this isn’t a regular travel blog. My travel entries go more along the lines of “hey, look at this! I went here and really liked it,” rather than “ok, so if you want to go to XYZ, let me lay down the logistics of it all.” Yeah… my entries are not going to be very instructive (as compared to those on most travel blogs). You know what, I’m just trying to say that I’m different even if others might not think I’m so unique.

Does this change the type of content on The Hungriest Reader? Nope, I just thought it would be fun to make a big deal out of housekeeping. (It was.)

Naming Things: Novel Reactions

I like to name things, but that doesn’t mean I come up with creative names. To illustrate: my first office plant went by “Planty,” the third one (as the second did not survive) by “Planty #3,” my household aloe vera by “Allie,” and so on.

In the same way I’d christened my plants, I decided to classify and distinguish my posts better. I already had a name for my short story features, Short Bites, but for quite some time, I could not decide what to call my (full) book features, the raves (or non-raves) I post after having read a book.

Most of my entries aren’t exactly book reviews, and I’d never been comfortable calling them such. My writing is definitely less formal and not really critical or analytical. OK, let’s call them reactions instead. That works out, but I want to attach an adjective to the name, so after some deliberation, I’m calling them “Novel Reactions” because, well, sometimes I react to things in an unusual way (and I’m trying to be cool here, ok), and it sounded nice.

Expect to see updated graphics as I figure out what does and doesn’t work for me.