Hi, I’m Kamilla.

I am the “friend who loves to read,” the one my friends either share their new book hauls with or ask for recommendations of new books to read. Now that I think of it, I have been introduced as the “bookworm friend.” I have also been described as constantly hungry since I apparently am always looking for food, but I am not totally convinced that that description is accurate.

Actually, I would prefer to describe myself on my own terms, so here are some other words that resonate with me on a personal level: zealous, ambitious, and, if I were to use a noun, a firecracker.

I believe in helping to make the world a better place in my own little way—in my case, partly through encouraging reading and partly through a future business plan.

I’m looking around.

My favorite books to read are fantasy and historical fiction, but I tend to give most genres a shot because I refuse to confine myself in a box. As long as I get some type of entertainment value from a book, I will read it.

When it comes to traveling, I visit landmarks that I am excited to see and seek pieces that give me unique memories of my trip. I am not one to plan an extensive itinerary since I prefer to explore at my own pace, venturing into boutique shops and looking for hidden gems.

Join me.

Let me know what other great books I should read or which local places I should visit. I may eventually make it there.